La Suerte de Juan

In production
About This Project


Writer : Carlos Armella

Language: Spanish

Genre: drama 

Countries : Mexico, France

Production companies: Tita B Productions, Zensky Cine, Th42Film, Cima



In rural Mexico, after the Cristero War (1930s), Juan is a humble carpenter, devoted to the church and God, who suffers the death of his 7 year old son, Jesus. With the coffin on his back, Juan must face the demons of his obscure past that still torment him, while moving across a devastated and God forsaken country.


Carlos Armella :

Born in Mexico City, Carlos studied at the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica (CCC) and The London Film School, in England. His short film « Tierra y Pan » (2008) won over 15 international awards, including the Golden Lion of the Venice International Film Festival. His first feature film « En La Estancia” (2014), was presented at the Rotterdam International Film Festival, and was awarded in Mexico, Brasil, Argentina, Italia and United States. His second feature film « ¡Ánimo Juventud! » (2020), was part of L’Atelier de Cinéfondation of the Cannes Films Festival and the Torino Film Lab. It was presented at Morelia International Film Festival (special prize), Busan Youth and Kids IFF, Festival Reflets du Cinema Iberique et Latino Americain (Audience award), among others.