¡Ánimo Juventud!

About This Project



105 min

Languages: Spanish

Genre: Comedy, Youth

Countries : Mexico, France

Production companies: Caponeto Cine, CTT Exp and Rentals, Oxido, Cima

International sales: Picture Tree International


Script: Carlos Armella

DoP: Ximena Amann

Sound: Pablo Tamez

Sound designer: Omar Juárez

Original score: The Morck Project

Editor: Carlos Armella

Production design: Connie Martínez and Christian Galindo

Wardrobe designer : Ximena Gúzman

Makeup designer: Connie Calderon 

Casting director Viridiana Olvera

Postproducer: Marco Rodríguez 

Colorist: Fernando Chung

Main cast: Daniela Arce, Iñaki Godoy, Mario Palmerin, Rodrigo Cortés, Desirée Rodríguez, Paola Arroyo


Festivals: Official competition Morelia 2020 (Special prize for actor Mario Palmerin), MOOV, Australia Spanish Film Festival, OjoLoco Grenoble 2021, Busan Kids and Youth FF 2021, Reflets du cinéma ibérique et latino-américain 2021 (Prix du public)




MARTIN is a young man in love with a girl he barely knows, named Cris, who has shut him out of her social networks. He wants to scream his love out to the world even if the world is trying to quiet him down. 

DANIEL is a musician turned into a taxi driver after he impregnated his teenage girlfriend. The day he decides to become a responsible grown up will be one of the unluckiest days of his life.

DULCE is an aggressive bully in high school, but deep inside she sees herself as a nice girl who deserves to be loved and she’s ready to lose her virginity with the first guy who is willing to take it.

PEDRO is a boy with a disappointed view of the world of the adults, who has decided to stop speaking as a normal person and starts his own language.


Four characters with dreams, passions and desires in today’s Mexico City. All of them have this irritant obstacle in common: The adults.


Carlos Armella :

Born in Mexico City, Carlos studied at the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica (CCC) and The London Film School, in England. His short film « Tierra y Pan » (2008) won over 15 international awards, including the Golden Lion of the Venice International Film Festival. His first feature film « En La Estancia” (2014), was presented at the Rotterdam International Film Festival, and was awarded in Mexico, Brasil, Argentina, Italia and United States. His second feature film « ¡Ánimo Juventud! » (2020), was part of L’Atelier de Cinéfondation of the Cannes Films Festival and the Torino Film Lab. It was presented at Morelia International Film Festival (special prize), Busan Youth and Kids IFF, Festival Reflets du Cinema Iberique et Latino Americain (Audience award), among others.