Un Lugar Llamado Música

About This Project



87 min

Languages: Wixárika, English, Spanish

Genre: portray, music

Countries : Mexico, France

Production companies: Telegrama Audiovisual, Cactus Film and Video, Cameramera, Cima


Script: Enrique Muñoz Rizo, Patrick Danse

DoP: Ivan Vilchis Ibarra

Editing: Patrick Danse

Sound engineer: Gerson Escudero

Sound designer: Matias Barberis, Gabriel Villegas

Sound mix: Carlos Cortés Navarrete CAS, Leonardo Heiblum

Post producer: Fernando Maganda

Colourist: Raúl Luna Torres

Original Score: Daniel Medina de la Rosa, Philip Glass, Erasmo Medina Medina

Main characters: Daniel Medina de la Rosa, Philip Glass, Erasmo Medina Medina


Festivals: Morelia 2022 Official Competition, opening film at Doqumenta Queretaro 2023, Ambulante 2023, Shanghai Film Festival 2023



Daniel Medina, a Wixárika musician, embarks on a unique collaboration with American composer Philip Glass. In his community, Daniel seeks the approval of the council of elders as this is the first time that his traditional music is played accompanied by a piano. “A Place Called Music” is an immersive journey that follows the creative exploration of two musicians who do not speak the same language and yet are able to create a common place where their spirits can understand each other.


Enrique Muñoz Rizo :

Enrique M. Rizo is a filmmaker based in Mexico City with an avid interest in telling stories of human warmth. After spending nearly a decade working with some of Mexico’s best documentary and fiction filmmakers, Enrique grasped the sudden opportunity of directing his first documentary when encountering a story in the midst of a big concert preparation. Apart from his documentary, entitled « A Place Called Music”, Enrique is developing the television series “Monstruos Perfectos” in conjunction with Pimienta Films and Endeavor Content.