El Segundo Piso

In production
About This Project


Writer: Cathia Cuevas

Language: Spanish

Genre : drama, fantastic

Countries: Mexico, France

Production companies: Telegrama Audiovisual, Katsize Films, Cima



Selene travels to her in-laws’ mountain department to sort out her relation with Carlo, her partner. When he notifies her of his flight delay, she decides to reconnect with herself, but the noises from the second floor won’t cease, challenging her patience and triggering her sleep disorder, making her connect with something that transcends beyond the planes of existence.


Cathia Cuevas:

Producer, writer, director from Tijuana, Mexico. Cathia has worked for companies like BBC, National Geographic, and Discovery Channel with culture, natural history, and has collaborated on projects from Andy & Lana Wachowski and Darren Aronofsky. She was part of the casting department in films such as « Roma » (Alfonso Cuarón); « El Intruso » (Natalia Meta), and « Cassandro » (Roger Ross Williams), as well as directing extras in « Chicuarotes » (Gael García Bernal ), « Siberia » (Abel Ferrara), among others. She is producer of « Un Lugar Llamado Música » (Official Competition at Morelia Film Festival 2022, Shanghai Film Festival 2023).