Luces en el Cielo

In production
About This Project

Scripted feature film – In development

Director: Cathia Cuevas

Country: Mexico

Production companies: Telegrama Audiovisual, Cima

Industry: Résidence Script Savages, Macabro Lab, Cinequanon Lab



Northen Mexico, 1990. Chris Eckart (12) and her family live in a mountain town ostracized from a hyper-conservative religious community. Chris’ father has been preparing his family for years to fulfill the prophecy of the return of some luminous creatures from another world. But Chris longs to interact with other kids outside the family. As the luminous creatures finally arrive, the town is soon transformed into an inferno and the Eckarts are becoming the main suspects of invoking them, tearing Chris apart between her family and her desire to belong to the community.


Cathia Cuevas:

Producer, writer, director from Tijuana, Mexico. Cathia has worked for companies like BBC, National Geographic, and Discovery Channel with culture, natural history, and has collaborated on projects from Andy & Lana Wachowski and Darren Aronofsky. She was part of the casting department in films such as « Roma » (Alfonso Cuarón); « El Intruso » (Natalia Meta), and « Cassandro » (Roger Ross Williams), as well as directing extras in « Chicuarotes » (Gael García Bernal ), « Siberia » (Abel Ferrara), among others. She is producer of « Un Lugar Llamado Música » (Official Competition at Morelia Film Festival 2022, Shanghai Film Festival 2023).