El Último Rey

In production
About This Project

Scripted feature film – In development 

Director: Victor Checa

Country: Peru / Mexico 

Production companies: Calouma Films, Pierrot Films, Candu Films, Cima

Industry : Locarno Open Doors



Piura, Perú, 2060. Great sandstorms are raging in the desert, resources are scarce, and survival of the fittest rules the day. Martín (12), son of a family of landowners, rises from his grave in a land he can no longer recognize and discovers his vampire condition. Two centuries ago, driven by jealousy and an uncontrollable desire for blood, he bit his younger brother and died as if poisoned. Martin takes refuge in his parent’s old house, exploring his new skills and needs. Suddenly, the unexpected visit of María (14) and Flora (12), two fearless and curious girls from the desert, shakes up his existence. When they meet, Flora develops a relationship of complicity and love for Martín that raises suspicion in María and motivates her to find a way to separate them. However, Martin’s apparent innocence and calmness hide a secret that will remain hidden until it is too late and only one of them can survive.


Victor Checa:

Lima. 1986. Director and screenwriter. His personal works as director have been screened in different film festivals and video exhibitions around the world. His first feature film, « Tiempos Futuros » (2021), premiered at the 25th Tallin Black Nights Film Festival and has run in more than 30 festivals including Locarno, Málaga, Guadalajara, Los Angeles, Neuchatel and won numerous awards, including the Jury Award mention at the Beijing International Film Festival in the Forward Future section.