La Piste de Fanghetto

In production
About This Project


Writers: Lisa Valensi, Thierry Machard

Language: French

Genre: drama

Country: France

Production companies: Cima

Industry: Less Is More (Groupe Ouest), Ateliers Meditalents



Upon the death of his father, Attilio, a former activist in the early 80s, returns to Marseille after more than thirty years of exile. He hopes to find a haven there and rebuild himself, along with his childhood garden, which he hopes to revive. In the bustling city, Attilio realizes that his past battles are still relevant. The doors that he thought were closed permanently begin to open one after another, making his involvement inevitable. The choices he will make, echoing those he made in the past, will send him down an entirely new path.


Thierry Machard :

Thierry would have wanted to be an archaeologist or an economist… However, he became a shepherd at the age of twenty, from Limousin to the Alps, through the Massif Central and Ireland. Throughout his years of studying and settling down, he has always been an activist and involved in group activities, whether in music, politics, or agricultural cooperation. He « accidentally » stumbled into the world of cinema in 2010 on the set of a short film (« En Boîte » – Mathieu Paquier – La Luna prod) where he found himself as the lead actor. Since then, he spends his time between film sets and the mountains. His first short film “En Sortir” was presented in Feel the Reel International Film Festival (Glasgow) – Jury Prize 2021, Festival Internacional Signos da Noite 2021 (Lisbonne), Festival d’Aubagne 2021, Un Poing C’est Cour 2020, among others.