About This Project


87 min

Year: 2022

Language: Spanish

Genre: portray, art, comedy

Country : Mexico

Production companies: Calouma Films, Cortes Finos, Pierrot Films, The42Film, Cima


Script: Liora Spilk Bialostozky, Ricardo Poery

DoP: Liora Spilk Bialostozky

Editing: Jonas García Fregoso, Pablo Acevedo

Original Score: Giorgio Giampà

Animations: Zulu González

Main characters: Pedro Friedeberg, Liora Spilk Bialostozky, Elba Szclar, Ida Rodríguez Prampolini “Chacha”, José Luis Cuevas,  Elena Poniatowska, Deborah Holtz, Alejandro Sordo.


Festivals: Morelia 2022 Official Competition, Malaga 2023 Official Competition, FICUNAM 2023 Official Competition, Nominee for Best Debut Feature at the 2023 Ariel Awards (Mexico)



Pedro narrates the approach of a young filmmaker to the renowned artist Pedro Friedeberg. The contrast between the intimate moments of these two characters and the artist’s public events complete a tender and comical comic portrait of a fantastic figure of Mexican art.


Liora Spilk :

Liora Spilk was born in 1989 and raised in Mexico City.  She studied Communications at UNAM, where she started her career as a film editor. She began cutting social and political documentaries and crossed over to the field of fiction with comedies and dramas of different kinds. She has worked with internationally recognized directors, including Alonso Ruizpalacios. She is currently promoting her first feature as a director, a documentary entitled « Pedro », an intimate portrait of the famous artist Pedro Friedeberg whom she filmed for more than 10 years.